Lord Easy has been starting parties as a DJ, karaoke host and musician for 15 years. He began DJing in earnest in 2002 following a move to New York City and has been spinning records at bars, clubs, house parties and weddings ever since. When the opportunity presented itself, Easy stepped out from behind the turntables to pick up the karaoke mic and become co-host of the inimitable Karaoke Killed the Cat, a long running karaoke dance party. Around the same time, he started making original music as well-first as an MC and now as a producer-but always informed by the DJ sensibility that he has developed over the years.

That sensibility-a warm and energetic touch for dance floors with deep dives into Hip-Hop, Electronic, Disco, Reggae and Latin sounds has earned Easy a decade long DJ residency at Pianos on the Lower East Side in New York City. Currently, he continues to find new audiences and entertain clients like Columbia University, Cause + Effect Productions, photographer Kareem Black, and the New York City Food and Wine Festival.  


Photographer: Jonica Moore